7 famous boutique hotels of Berlin


Booking a stay in Berlin is a delightful endeavor given the wide range hotel choices in and around the city.

But there is a class of specialty hotels that offers more than just a room; Berlin’s various boutique hotels can dramatically enhance a stay in the city and transform a visit into a memorable experience.

From quaint turn-of-the-century lodgings to modern abodes with palatial grandeur and tech-friendly attributes, there are many wonderful hotels to book for a stay in the German capital.

As a city abounding with history, it would be perfectly in keeping with tradition to choose a classic Berlin hotel for a stay in the city.

1The Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel

Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel Grunewald has been called the city’s loveliest hotels by travelers.

This breathtaking mansion has been transformed into a luxurious hotel and lies on the western edge of Charlottenburg.

While one of the city’s historic hotels, it has a distinctive contemporary feel due to new design work by Karl Lagerfield. Sumptuous rooms paired with delectable French cuisine are hallmarks of the famed hotel.

Travelers will also benefit from the facility’s health spa, indoor swimming pool, gym, and saunas. Formal and informal dining choices allow travelers to perfectly tailor their stay in this relaxing and beautiful atmosphere.


While there are several classic hotels in Berlin that offer luxury service, consider a stay at one of the city’s boutique class of lodgings.

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